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Make the body tremble


Pozwól ciału drżeć!

The oldest part of our brain, the so-called reptilian brain, works with the limbic system to regulate arousal and alertness. We can see in animals immediately after a stressful event how their bodies spontaneously tremble, shaking off the excessive stress accumulated in the body during the danger. This is a very helpful way for the body to maintain balance.

We, as social beings, have suppressed the body’s reflex reactions. Trembling is not accepted in the environment, rather it is associated with weakness. When someone’s hands tremble, it communicates to us that they are frightened. Trembling, as a natural body reflex and a very helpful tool to restore the body’s homeostasis, is suppressed and avoided.

Modern times provide us with so many stimuli and stressors that, under their excess, the limbic system becomes overly sensitive and keeps the body on constant alert, defending itself against threats. Even on holidays or longer holidays, we find it difficult to relax and recover deeply because the nervous system is unable to let go. On a cellular level, we stress the body with overstimulation.

Excessive noise, information hype, social media, excess billboards and billboards, blue lights, pollution, constant employment, rush, stimulants, neglect of physical activity, wrong eating habits, toxic relationships, lack of self-confidence, lack of contact with oneself and one’s deep needs.

Higher, stronger, more, faster!

Where is this machine of haste, greed and permanent stress rushing to?

…to self-exploitation.

How can we restore inner peace?

How to balance accumulated stress in the tissues? How to support the body in the busyness of responsibilities and all external overstimulation? How to release traumas?

It is time to slow down and improve the quality of your functioning, to restore what has been lost – inner peace and life balance.

We have a simple tool that requires no additional investment, it is at our fingertips,

on the here and now.

How to overcome stress?

EXTRACTION – the discharge of muscle tension created by freezing, the accumulation of an excessive electrical charge as a result of repressed emotions and bodily reactions, usually primary fear encoded in our cells.

Shake off all the stress.

Simply stand at hip-width and begin to spontaneously, at your own rhythm and range, as much as your body will allow you at that moment (it may not want to at first, because it has been suppressed and imprisoned in behavioural patterns for too long), shake your body gently.

Let go of all the barriers you’ve tied up and blocked the river. It’s time for you to go over the schematics you’ve heard, Start shaking off one after the other, layer by layer of the total tension, suppression, limitations. You have the power to set yourself free, to set yourself free. Reroute the vibrations to the outside together with the internal blows. Embody the frozen energy, let it free, dissolve, relax.

Shake your body, vibrate, tremble, safe and without judgment.

Your body has great potential, it has the power to repair and regenerate, let it work.

Fix the breath, regular in- and out-breathing, do not stop. I also encourage you to free your vocal cords, relax your throat and make the sounds vibrate with its trembling.

In time, there will be softness. Invite lightness into your life.

The medicine you carry in you is at your disposal. Instead of taking another tablet, take a natural exercise. Reach deep into yourself.

It’s time to break free.

It is time for the lightness of being.

I am invited to a shaking session.

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