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Back to the body


The “Back to the body” course is a combination of exercises for those wishing to regain conscious connection with their bodies. It is designed for beginners and those wishing to re-energise their bodies with mindful movement after a break. It is designed to form the habit of daily healthy movement over 21 days of daily activities. The programme begins with a gentle introduction to movement, starting the first day with 5 minutes, and in the last days increasing to 45 minutes of smooth activity. It will work great for people who need motivation and attentive guidance. It will help you regain a deep connection with your body and breath. Your awareness of your body in space and attentiveness to your body’s needs will increase.


The growing popularity of yoga in the West, for a gradual increase in knowledge of the human mind. This is mainly due to asanas, the most popular form of yoga, in which by exercising our body, we also influence the state of mind, which is the main purpose of yoga. One might be tempted to say, therefore, that in this age of rushing to take care of mental health (fighting stress, depression, burnout), yoga has its place alongside it, which guarantees a return to the body.

The course is dedicated to people struggling with excess weight and who are not fans of physical activity. Through a gentle introduction to movement, mindfulness and body signals, we build confidence in our body. It is composed so that the beginner has no problem adapting to the movement. Through regular participation in the course, the body will be balanced and connected to the mind. Through breathing guidance, we will re-establish the correct movement pattern leading to better oxygenation of the body and reduced stress. The movement sessions include many elements of mobilisation and deep stabilisation aiming for muscular balance.

Back to the body


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