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In a 30-minute online meeting we give you the space to get to know each other and discuss what you are looking for, together we choose the best action plan for you leading to your goals.


Yoga is one of the oldest systems of Indian philosophy. It is a tradition of self-improvement as well as inner harmony and human development. The philosophy teaches tranquillity and mastery of the body and mind. The practice is for deep contemplation of oneself, discovering one’s desires and taming them. Gaining inner harmony and the ability to control one’s body and mind will open the way to self-improvement and personal development. This is because deeply hidden and unacknowledged desires can get in the way of achieving life’s goals. Yoga is also about perfecting self-discipline. It involves the imposition of specific activities that, when practised continuously and systematically, will allow one to achieve one’s goal. Indeed, achieving inner harmony is an ongoing process. All the activities undertaken, the systems of daily practice and the attempt to understand oneself serve to unify and achieve perfection. Yoga is about development and striving to improve the quality of life as well as health.


Initial consultation


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