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Suppression of expression


co tłumi twoją ekspresję

To which ranks have you been enlisted? From which template have you been cut? What thought programmes were uploaded into your subconscious? Which of your truths did you have to give up to gain acceptance?

How much longer will you allow your inner ‘I’ to be raped?

Discrimination. Attack. Persuasion. Mockery. Humiliation. Diminishing.
Too much of this in a world that has shaped us.

What are you running away from?

Attacks on separateness. Hurting opinions. Speaking from the level of your ego.

Harassment. Lack of recognition of vulnerability.

What pattern have you allowed yourself to be drawn into, suppressing your individuality?

How tense is your body in response to internal discord? What’s the point? What’s he avoiding? What’s he not talking about?

Why do you keep accepting what does not serve you?

How much longer will you give up your life, fitting it into a “safe” imposed scheme, pursuing goals that are not your own?
What ‘truths’ have you come to believe that now do not align with your own?

Breathe calmly and observe what emerges, in response to the above questions. Give yourself time.

In deep breathing you will find the real answers.

The subject needs to come out from under the carpet.

I meet too many people who come to me with many problems that come from their bodies. The softening of the tissue, the breaking up of the “tank”, creates stories that block the breath.

It is blocked until the soft structures of the body begin to release the rigidly encrypted thought patterns.

The most common patterns

It is blocked until the soft structures of the body begin to release the rigidly encrypted thought patterns.

The most common patterns that society has imprinted are:
– “A woman, she’s not a woman until she has a child. ”
– “The role of the woman is to give birth to children and to give herself to her husband. ”
– “Sex, only after the wedding. ”
– “Nudity is shame”
– “Women don’t fall out”
– “Men have to be tough. ”
– “Crying and showing feelings is a weakness”
– “Be brave and overcome it yourself. ”
– “If a relationship, it’s a marriage. ”
– “If a relationship is only one woman to one man”
– “Keep covered”
– “Left-handedness is a disturbance”
– “Speciality in sexual orientation is a perversion, a disorder”
– “Don’t run, or you’ll fall over. ”
– “Look at your feet. ”
– “If the goat didn’t jump, she wouldn’t break her leg. ”
– “You asked for it yourself, you got it. ”
– “What else is dangerous. ”
– “You bring shame on the family. ”
– “Some issues need to be kept quiet”
– “You don’t talk about that. ”
– “Shame on you. ”
– to treat the institution of the Church as holy and unassailable, to cry out loud about the sins of others and to condemn them publicly, putting the sins of the Church under the carpet and silencing them
– Excessive religiosity with hypocrisy
– Minimisation of violations based on sexual abuse
– Close your eyes to alcoholism, which is widespread
– Accept violence


When I went deep into my inner healing process, when I allowed everything that had been strenuously imposed to be shattered into pieces, when I confronted numerous inner demons and went through a therapeutic process, when I attended numerous workshops on body work, when I experienced many methods to deepen my self-awareness, when I re-entered everything that was difficult, painful and uncomfortable, I saw through.

From being a participant in the turmoil, I became a careful observer. I took responsibility for my life, for my decisions.

I stripped down to the nakedness of my being. I have recognised what is mine and what I consciously reject because it no longer belongs to me. I give negative energy to those who send it. I do not accept it into myself. I observe it carefully. I shed all the illusory armour that held me to survival. I no longer need it. One directional signpost remains. It is the deepest truth. Not the one heard, but my own inner one.

It is a powerful process, a great grind, the courage to look within, to dissolve external attacks with one’s awareness.

Why am I talking about this? Because only that which is spoken, expressed, released has the chance to heal you. As long as your truth remains unexpressed so long does the body give signals.

Any tension. stiffness, breathing problem, chronic idiopathic pains, insomnia, etc. are your body speaking that it needs to express, to shout its truth.

Do you further plan to mute them?

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