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The embarrassing issue of women


Wstydliwy temat kobiet

Embarrassment, shame, discomfort, withdrawal.

A taboo that is not talked about!

One in three women suffers from urinary incontinence.

It is an embarrassing subject because it is related to the intimate area. The lack of sphincter control has a debilitating effect on the psychological sphere.

A lifelong topic that really exists and which, unfortunately, is still very quiet about. It can take away all enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Many women suffering from loss of urine give up their social lives and withdraw from numerous activities.

Which women are most at risk of incontinence problems?

Women after pregnancy

There is still not enough awareness among women who have gone through childbirth of the need to take care of their pelvic muscles.

It is very important that they focus on training their pelvic floor muscles even before planning their pregnancy, this will facilitate the whole process of pregnancy as well as recovery afterwards.

I hear from my clients about discomfort with their sex life and lack of control in the lower abdomen.

To support the pelvis, in its reliable functions, it needs to be properly supported through conscious training and the application of certain techniques in daily activities.

This is still not talked about enough. Many women who come to me after pregnancy are not aware of these topics. And it takes so little to support yourself and your body during this period.

Menopausal and post-menopausal women

The menopause period is a big challenge for women of mature age, not only from the psychological and hormonal side, but also from the signals coming from the body.

It is very important for ladies to implement into their daily habits the care of their pelvic floor muscles and to work on them regularly.

An efficient pelvic floor muscle is often the solution to problems such as bloating, lumbar pain and incontinence due to weakened urethral sphincters. Reduced oestrogen levels are responsible, among other things, for the malfunction of the epithelium of the inner surface of the urethra and bladder.

Active young women,

overly stressed and tense. Also those training in the wrong way and lifting excessively, without correct technique.

Failure to direct attention to deep breathing in a downward path and to relax the abdominal muscles with exhalation and gently activate them. This is the reason why the abdominal muscles are permanently tense, which results in the muscles not functioning to their full potential.

You have probably heard of, and perhaps even used, incontinence medication. You may have searched for possible surgical or laser methods to solve the problem, perhaps you have already used them.

It is also highly likely that you have used electrostimulation to affect your urethral and bladder muscles, your pelvic floor muscles. The question is with what effect?

If you explore the subject of incontinence further, it is likely that the above methods have failed or proved unsatisfactory.

Why, without proper training, will all methods fail?

It turns out that the most effective and sustainable method of dealing with loss of urine is regular training and activation of the pelvic floor muscles. Becoming aware of the workings of the whole centre, introducing appropriate exercises, breathing techniques is supportive on the way leading to restoring control of the female command centre.

How do you deal with powerlessness?

No matter what age you are, you need to take care of your feminine space and train it consciously.

I guide women from 20 to 80 years of age and in each of these age groups I have noticed a significant improvement in body control with systematic training.

It is very important that the movement practice is guided with a thorough explanation and awareness of the workings of the muscles responsible for continence. Muscle relaxation and tension phases are important.

Also helpful in this process are working on


and Breathing properly.

I know that many of you, find it difficult to talk about this.

I am coming up with an initiative to create a safe space.

On your terms.

In your home environment, so that you can delve into this topic and set aside time for YOU.

At your rhythm.

At your pace, so that you can regularly strengthen, revitalise, restore the fitness of your pelvis.

If this message resonates with you, let me know that you are interested in joining an online course that addresses your needs.

We can put you back in control.

See you there!


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