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If you live in Krakow or the surrounding area make an appointment with me to train at your home. Home is as good a place as any to conduct an effective workout. The great advantage of this type of solution is complete comfort and convenience. On top of that, you can be sure that you are performing each exercise correctly, as I will be supervising them.

*inquire about the price (1,5 h from 300 zł depending on the place).


If online training doesn’t convince you and fitness venues make you reluctant, make an appointment with me to visit you at your home. Make an appointment in advance.

Service possible within Krakow and up to 30 km. Full comfort and convenience, time saving. A training session tailored to your needs plus 30 minutes of post-workout stretching and relaxation including stress reduction techniques. This type of training is especially suitable for pregnant women, post-pregnancy women, people who do not like public spaces and who need direct contact to feel cared for.

Great for those who need peace and space to meet with themselves without distractions.

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