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Beast fitness


This is a course designed for people who want to take their fitness levels to the next level. It is designed for people who are dealing with physical activity. It includes elements of ANIMAL FLOW and MOBILITY as well as FLEXIBLE STEEL. Allows you to improve your body without the need for additional equipment. Most sessions take place on the ground floor so the movements are very beneficial for the spine. The exercise combinations are composed in such a way as to proportionally affect all muscle parts. It is a shot of inspiration to bring your training to another dimension. Great for adding variety to existing activities to improve the function of individual joints and seamlessly integrate tissues.


The unique health and educational benefits show us the growing need to widely disseminate knowledge of the principles of yoga to practitioners, teachers, young people and people of different age groups and professions. A growing number of publications, books and teachers who are well trained in the relevant types of yoga training have helped to popularise this practical system of self-discipline, which contributes to the increasing fitness of the beast through its application. People who practise yoga become more stretched and feel better physically.

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