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Coaching for the elderly


This offer is aimed at people 60+ who want to improve their quality of function and quality of movement. With my support, you will find a way how to eliminate pain and increase the quality of your fitness through properly selected movement. With full attention and thoroughness, we will analyse your body’s capabilities and raise the quality of your functioning in everyday life at the right pace and in a safe way. Here you will find a space where you will feel cared for and supported.


Yoga can be described as an exercise for the body and mind, which is why it is fast becoming the type of activity for our time. Exercise not only has a great impact on your health, but also helps you to better understand your body and self-discipline. Yoga for older people is tailored to their needs and abilities, is safe and offers a range of health benefits. As we age, muscles become tight and less flexible and joints begin to stiffen. This is due to degenerative changes in the body and limited physical activity, which older people often avoid. However, yoga is a form of movement that helps combat pain. By adopting comfortable and engaging postures, tight muscles relax and joints gradually become more flexible. Yoga also reduces or eliminates back pain and improves posture.

Coaching for the elderly


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