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This is another space I dedicate to you. I want you to feel safe and comfortable in this room. You get an extra dose of knowledge and new, positive energy. Bet on your innate strength!

Wstydliwy temat kobiet

The embarrassing issue of women

Embarrassment, shame, discomfort, withdrawal. It’s a taboo that you don’t talk about! One in three women suffers from urinary incontinence. The subject is embarrassing. . .

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Prawidłowa postawa ciała

Correct posture

How to stand right? Let’s slowly align the structure of the body, starting with the base. Let’s fix what’s broken.

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Pozwól ciału drżeć!

Make the body tremble

The oldest part of our brain, the so-called reptile brain, works with the limbic system to regulate excitement and alertness. We can. . .

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pokonaj depresję, pomóż sobie ruchem

Defeat the depression

I’m depressed. We are increasingly hearing this phrase in the environment. The abundance of things, the onslaught of life, the need to impose. . .

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