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How to get back into balance?


Jak wrócić do równowagi?

When you are out of balance, using the contents of the wheel will prove very effective in restoring balance.

Above all, in a moment of tension, growing overwhelm or lowered mood, follow the tips below.

1. Analysis of the current status

Ask yourself, what facts are currently contributing to your bad mood? Include the facts themselves, don’t get into the feelings for the moment. Write them down, name them concretely.

2. Allow yourself to flow of incoming feelings

Now listen carefully to what arises internally and immerse yourself in each of the following sentences, completing them as the spontaneous need for inner expression dictates:

  • “I feel anger because of…”.
  • “I feel sadness because of…”
  • “I feel anxiety because of…”
  • “I feel guilt because of…”

3. Rise above your state of powerlessness by answering the following questions for yourself?

  • “Are my expectations reasonable? “
  • “Is my thinking positive and energised?”
  • “What is the underlying pain?”
  • “What is the benefit?”

4. Closing the whole wheel

After working through the above, ask yourself two more questions:

  • “What do I need?”
  • “Do I need support?”
    Return to this circle as often as you feel you are losing your balance. These simple tips can make you realise a lot and take a step in your direction.
    Along with laying down in your emotions, it is worth loosening up in your body as well.
    I invite you to read an article on the technique of shaking tension out of the body!

This entry is based on the book – Laurel Mellin, THE PATHWAY

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