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Reducing stress


An hour-long session creating space for releasing emotions and emerging feelings, meeting the voice of intuition, guided meditation, breathing techniques, releasing the diaphragm, shaking off accumulated stress in the body, integrating feelings through stretching exercises.


Yoga suggests how to control the chaos in our heads. The chaos of thoughts, beliefs and desires. It helps to overcome inner impasses, to understand the detrimental effect of the ego on everyone’s life. It teaches how to deal with not accepting the inevitable changes. All these changes, bottlenecks and expectations bring stress. Thus, the more clearly a person becomes aware, the less stressed they become. Practised in this way, yoga is a panacea for all ailments related to stress – physical and mental, because stress is nothing more than the relationship of our capacities to the needs of the situation, characterised by the psychophysiological imbalance we seek in yoga. In addition, the time spent practising, gives us the opportunity to catch distance from ourselves, from the world and from our problems. Distance is also needed in order not to carry negative emotions from work or university into the home.

Reducing stress


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