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About me

Hello, my name is Anna Deja and I organize trainings and courses for different age groups. If you’re here, that means we have a lot in common!

anna deja

Anna Deja

I always felt like I had to do something that went beyond the patterns available in the training environment, and so I got the creativity to create something that harmonized completely with my intuitive suggestions. The vision of a free, intuitive movement brought relief to the body and liberation of the head from the over-analysis of reality. In the undisturbed silence came the movement that the body dictated to me, conscious movement that came out of the inner need, not schematically, liberated.

My experience

My story recorded spinal dyscopathy, I was threatened with surgery, and for a young person who associates his future with physical activity, it was a severe blow of insecurity. In search of support, I worked through many exercises and activities, but I regained the full sense of regaining control over the body when I began to listen attentively to what the body is sending without ignoring the slightest signal. In doing so, I created a movement that brings relief and gives a sense of performance, control and pain reduction. In search of movement that is connected, I immersed myself in many movements, including movement, yoga, capoeira, animal flow, mobility, medicine movement, dance of the 5rhythms, natural training. While trying to raise my workshop to the highest level, I took part in numerous trainings, conferences about working with the body, from which I always took what harmonized with my feeling.

With his knowledge and experience he has gained so far, he works with his protégés and creates a safe place during the training sessions. In my practice, I listen attentively to what the protégé says, but I also watch closely what his body says. Experience shows me what incredible potential our body has, how powerful it is, how much energy and emotions it has stored over the years of its life. In the sessions proposed by me, you will experience being in your body, full acceptance and a way to reach your maximum level of fitness.

Education and achievements

  • Master’s Degree in Physical Education specialising in Corrective Gymnastics, Bronisław Czech Academy of Physical Education in Krakow
  • Title Rescue paramedic, Policeal School of Employees of Social and Medical Service No. 3 in Krakow
  • Gymnastics teacher/ Bronisław Czech Academy of Physical Education in Krakow
  • Medical trainer/trainer blacksmith
  • Training for pregnant women/smith trainers
  • Basics Kettlebell / Polish Association Kettlebell and Fitness
  • Animal FLow/Global Bodyweight Training Trainer Mike Fitch
  • Flexible Steel Instructor / Jon Engum’s Extreme Training
  • Clinical Nutrition/Premium Sport Academy
  • Exercise Recreation Instructors Aqua Aerobics/Polish Association of General Sports
  • Participation in the International Conference on Bodywork “SAPERE” The influence of the mind on the body
  • Participation in the 1st Cracow Personal Trainer Congress/Forge of Trainers
animal flow flexible steel

My vision

In the beginning, when there was nothing, we had everything we needed to be awake, conscious, strong and whole. Our ancestors drew clues from their surroundings in order to give themselves meaning and purpose, symbolism and stories. We are the world we live in.


Within the significant Four, we will be deeply rooted in the primal force we have always had, in our primal force.

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