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Sensational fitness world!


Krzykliwy świat fitness!

Why am I so VERY grossed out by the flashy Fitness World?

The pressure to look and display an over-the-top mask of perfection is one of the sadder phenomena I observe.

I juxtapose reality with social media accounts, and there I see a girl who struts in a thousand different ways to appear favourable in the frame. She accentuates her assets by pushing the boundaries of intimacy.
How much it sells!

More hearts and comments fly. She grows into an inflated ego of greatness and the world follows the trend. Along the lines of this, girls – who have yet to learn much about themselves – trust that looks are the ticket to fame.

Then I come across more accounts, of beautiful – everyday natural girls who don’t accept themselves because they have let into their fragile hearts the belief that they must shine. They no longer show their flawless face, they mask it with online filters, they strip themselves of their identity in order to fit in with the larger, blinded public.

I could unabashedly observe the trend further, but I stand between these two worlds as a room of change, perhaps a better way of putting it would be a slogan – a changing room?

Because, as soon as we start a session, it takes place in an online meeting window – that’s how I work now, in the space I create, full of authenticity and trust, the shoulders of excessive weight, of self-imposed misconceptions can finally fall away.

We meet in the present moment, in a space for real feelings.

“What do you feel in your body? ‘ – I ask the question. – “I don’t feel my body, I don’t like it, it’s so fat, it’s ugly, I don’t want to look like that… Others look better, they get more attention, they have a better chance of standing out.” – “Dear you are perfect, your body is a ‘temple’ it listens carefully to what you say to it and strains at what it hears. Give it a little support, understanding. Take it by the hand and slowly walk it where it feels most comfortable with you. Be gentle with yourself.”

I watch her chest stiffen as she tries to draw a breath of relief, as her body freezes in tension and self-loathing. I suggest that we return to the breath for a moment. We begin to synchronise the inhalations and exhalations. Slowly, gently. A deep, gentle inhalation into the abdomen…. breaks through the compressed diaphragm very reluctantly, but nevertheless….

And tears begin to fall from her cheeks perhaps, we are in full authenticity and this space is for me the most profound response to the fact that the clamour of the fitness world destroys balance. It is very apparent.

Look your best at all costs, restrict calories, health shakes instead of meals, on fast instead of conscious preparation, enchanted pills to improve everything, bright leggings and a squeezed bust to make the optical illusion work, girth-reducing underwear, the delusion of health and happiness, under a fake mask of contentment and a polished belly check.

I browse the main fitness instagram accounts of influential female influencers, famous fitness stars- and this is what I see( superficiality, artificiality, applause for stuffing oneself with an exaggerated, inflated EGO).


This is not the world I create, it repels me from it and I feel distaste.
Because I know the other side, because I know how to direct myself and my body to achieve harmony. Because I know that the most supportive person for myself can be me, because I know myself deeply. Because I am not looking for applause for my small steps. I only compare myself to myself from yesterday, only I know how much effort I put into my efforts. Because I respect all my feelings and embrace them with tenderness. Because I put truth and naturalness in being, with everything that comes up, that is difficult and to be worked through, but that does not show up on the internet. Because I know that by being honestly myself, in full naturalness, I will show you the other side of the coin behind the superficiality of the fitness world. Because I know that looking good in tandem with supportive thoughts is the result of consciously working on what you are processing inside. Because there is so much more than what we can see with the naked eye. Because you deserve a happy, real life.

Because I care about you.

I invite you into a space of authenticity. Here you can drop the mask and take care of your needs.

Healthy, Conscious Movement, Inner-Compatible

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