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Correct posture


Prawidłowa postawa ciała

How to stand correctly?

Let’s slowly put the body’s structure back together, starting from the base. Let’s fix what’s broken. Direct your attention to the following points and analyse how your body is arranged.

Feet – the foundation of the body

Position them hip-width apart, locate three points under the feet, between the toe and the metatarsal, the little toe and the metatarsal and the centre of the heel. All these points should be in contact with the ground. Your body weight should distribute evenly between these three points. Concentrate on creating arches under the foot, the longitudinal arch and the transverse arch, should have space underneath them, not touching the ground. Maintaining arches in the foot is a sign of good cushioning and that its structures are working properly.

Ankle joints

Focus on the inner ankles, imagine an invisible thread that is hooked through the middle of the inner ankles pulls them up so that the entire ankles remain axial.

Knee joints

Stand down with soft knees and make sure they are not stretched. Position your kneecaps straight with a minimum inclination to the other toes. The knee joints should be above the ankle joints globally. Often there is a tendency for the knees to slip in the middle or the knees to spread outwards.


When viewed from the front, she should have a symmetrical position. Hips on one line. Viewed from the side, its correct alignment is neutral, with a natural outline of lordosis in the lumbar region. Today, due to a sedentary lifestyle, society is faced with an excessive anterior tilt of the pelvis, which has the effect of disrupting the entire body structure and causing numerous overloads


Symmetrically aligned. Bridge up, oblique. Make sure that the lower ribs do not protrude too far forward, try to bring them gently to the back wall of the cage.


Removed from the ears, in everyday activities we tend to turn the shoulders inwards, which creates many conflicts in the tissues to take care of the shoulders, try to gently roll them outwards, thumbs outwards.


It pulls the whole spine upwards, it is important to imagine pulling on a string hooked at the top of the head, so as not to pull it upwards but to position it horizontally.

If you wish to improve your attitude.

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