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Primal Vibe

Intimate personal training and movement courses with the focus on the body-respect and body&emotion balance.


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New course

Pelvic power

Use my pelvic floor training to learn about the basic mechanisms of your body. In this course, you will learn about anatomy and gain a better understanding of your pelvic area. The sequences of exercises designed by me will help bring your body into a more balanced place.

price: 59 PLN

What is Primal Vibe?

To celebrate one’s wholeness, one needs awareness of the Self and integration with the body. Only when we return to the original context, we can discover who we were before the world around us told us who we should be. Find the essence of who you are and reach the depth of authenticity by challenging the established patterns in the mind and body.  

Primal Vibe is a space dedicated to the body and the authentic Power within. It is impossible to discover it without dissolving all the accumulated tensions and breaking through the noisy fitness world that imposes pressure on a slim figure and superficiality.  Beautiful body should be a reflection of a harmonized mind and a healthy lifestyle.

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About me

I have always felt that I needed to do something away from the models available in the fitness environment. My vision grew, and I created a programme that matches the desire of my intuition. The movement sequences I designed came naturally from my physical wisdom and consist of exercises that relax the body and clear the mind. In the nutshell they are out-of-the-box, dictated by the inner need, freeing.

One of my priorities is to create a safe space where I can share the knowledge and experience I have gained through interactions with numerous clients. During my practice, I am all ears – I listen carefully to what the person is saying, but I am also all eyes- carefully observing what the body itself says. I know from experience how much potential and strength lies within our bodies and how much tension and emotions they can hold onto over the years. During the session with me, you will learn how to fully feel and accept your body as well as reach the highest level of fitness.


Primal Vibe is a training programme for people wishing to learn yoga. It is dedicated for beginners and advanced practitioners. Let’s create a space where we can find the best way to relax, feel comfortable and free. The offer includes:

Personal Training

A 1:1 session – training online where we follow a personalized body improvement plan.

trening grupowy

Group Training

A workout for up to five people, allowing participants to create a group dynamic.

trening dla osób starszych

Coaching for the elderly

This offer is aimed at people 60+ who wish to improve their everyday use of body.

redukcja stresu

Reducing stress

Yoga sequences that help organize chaotic thoughts and bring calm into your life.

sesja oddechowa

Breathing session

The aim of the breathing session is to meet an unfiltered form of yourself. 

konsultacja zapoznawcza

Initial consultation

In a 30 minute online meeting we can get to know each other and discuss your goals.

A true expert in her knowledge of the human body and training in such a unique and beautiful way. You will not disappointed by the experience with Anna.

I came to Anna in the middle of lockdown then my knees ached, my body hurt, and my psyche was obliterated to an all-time low. She's not only incredibly responsive to intuitive needs of the body and mind, she creates a space that holds safe every emotion, every insecurity, every struggle both on and off your mat.

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